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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Inner Crescent - End ₱ 11,600,000 123 sqm
Inner Crescent - Mid ₱ 12,700,000 118 sqm
Outer Crescent - End ₱ 13,700,000 168 sqm
Outer Crescent - End ₱ 13,700,000 168 sqm
Outer Crescent - Mid ₱ 12,730,000 119 sqm
THF-B-End ₱ 15,240,000 173 sqm
THF-B-Mid ₱ 11,690,000 103 sqm
THDH Mid Unit - 3CL ₱ 11,000,000 105 sqm

Living in the province away from Metro Manila is not half as bad as many people think. In fact, places like Pristina North Cebu will actually make you think that it is much better than the alternative. For one thing, you will be getting a modern and spacious residence, which is large enough for a family of six. Plus, you will be enjoying all of the high-end amenities that only exclusive residential communities like Pristina North Cebu can offer. The community has its own swimming pools, basketball courts, wide open spaces for parks and playgrounds, and everything else you are looking for in a residential community.

Aside from the amenities within the community walls, you will also enjoy the accessibility of Pristina North. The community is set just outside the busy downtown area, which means all of the public facilities that you will ever need is no more than a couple of minutes away by public transportation. When you live in Pristina North, you will never be left wanting for anything.

The only problem that you will face when buying your own house at Pristina North Cebu is that there are only a limited number of homes that are currently up for grabs, so if you don’t hurry, someone else might get that one house that you planned to buy for yourself. If you are already set on getting your own piece of land in the Queen City of the South then act fast and inquire about the houses that are still available before they are all sold out. 

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